Flare Monitoring and Colour Analysis software (COLORMET-3.0)

Wavelet Technologies has developed COLORMET-3.0 which is flare monitoring and colour analysis software. Flare monitoring prevents dangerous hydrocarbon pollutants from entering the atmosphere. Flare monitoring helps to keep the track of emission of hydrocarbon from the flare stack. COLORMET-3.0 is designed to raise an alarm in case of abnormal emission and no emission.

Features :

  • Monitors petroleum flare 24x7x365.
  • Displays the alarm on monitor whenever the flare is abnormal and smoke is detected.
  • Logs the abnormal status and smoke detection status into a computer¬†file.
  • Automatic detection of flare pixels in a selected ROI.
  • Computes flare height and volume.


Typical Applications :

  • Flare detection.
  • Abnormal flare alarm generation.
  • Black smoke detection.
  • Flare colour profiling.


Who should install COLORMET-3.0? :

  • Oil refineries, petrochemical processing industries and chemical processing plants.
  • Government Pollution control boards for keeping the pollution in check and keeping track of emission of dangerous hydrocarbons from flare stack.
  • Factories and plants manufacturing liquid substances (sugarcane factories, cold drink manufacturers, energy drink manufacturers) can use COLORMET-3.0 for checking and maintaining the consistency in the colour of the produced liquid..


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