Area of Expertise


Sci-com Software India Pvt. Ltd. is a software company engaged in scientific and Engineering software activities.
Sci-Com Software is a part of the well known FIE GROUP of Companies Which is an industrial conglomerate with an estimated worth of over US $100 million having diverse areas of operations ranging from Testing machines, CNC Machines tools, SPMS, Foundries, Forging, Electronics, and Software (IT). FUEL INSTRUMENTS & ENGINEERS PVT. LTD. is the Flagship company of the FIE Group.

Domain Applications Skills
Complete Machine vision systems (Electronics, Mechanical, textile, semi-conductor, automotive) - Computer peripherals, 
- Spare part kits,
- Textile yarn spinerettes, 
- Semiconductor wafers.
- Headlight subassembly quality control
- C, C++, DSP Assembly, VC++, VB, Java 
- Lighting & illumination,
- Factory setup integration 
- Jigs/Fixture design.
- Mobile platforms: Android, iOS
Data Acquisition - Vibration data acquisition and analysis
- Dynamic balancing of rotors 
- Farce/extension measurement
- C, C++, DSP Assembly, VC++, VB 
Device Drivers - Image acquisition 
- Motion Control
- Data acquisition system
- Industry standard twain drivers 
- PCI device drivers 
- Standard printer drivers
OCR - License plate reading
- Character recognition in many scripts
- C, C++, VC++, VB
Biometric - Finger print archival/retrieval and matching - C, C++, VC++, VB, Java 
Materials and Mining - Fragments Analysis Software for mining    industry,
- Image analysis for quantitative metallography
- ASTM and other standards
Research & Development - Defect detection
- Pattern recognition 
- Image alignment 
- Image segmentation
- Statistical methods
- Numerical analysis 
- Image processing algorithms
- Neural networks
Assistive Technologies - Video magnifier for low vision, 
- Obstacle detector
- Traffic guidance
- C, C++, VC++, VB 
- Illumination 
- Optics