Mobile Audio Processor (MobidioPro) is an add-on device for a mobile phone to provide a host of audio signal processing capabilities. MobidioPro makes it possible to either process the audio signals for either better clarity/enhancement or analyze the audio for feature extraction or carryout critical measurements in the audio domain. The device adapts to a mobile phone easily and provides a handy interface for developing user applications on the mobile phone based on the device’s processing capabilities.

Typical Applications :

  • Adding sophisticated ANC feature to low cost mobile phones
  • Adding audio enhancement capability to a low cost mobile phone for special needs of the end-users
  • Creating mobile apps based on a variety of processing options available on Mobidiopro

Features :

  • Low power consumption
  • Operation based on mobile phone’s own battery
  • High processing power for advanced signal processing
  • Multiple microphones for implementation of noise suppression and audio enhancement