Portable Spoof Emitter

Product USPs
• Completely Configurable Spoof Emission
• Possible to operate in a group of Spoof
Emitters to create complex Spoof Emission
• A user friendly GUI based operator
• Remote access for parameter
configuration and diagnostics
• Portable and easy to deploy
• Rugged for deployment in many terrains

POSERAD is an iDEX-DIO Innovation Development under the DISC-III Challenge. The Challenge is to develop spoof
emitter for a variety of original emitters. POSERAD innovation, architecture and development is guided by the following
unique features implemented in it.
POSERAD has portable design to either mount or deploy using a light/medium capacity vehicle
POSERAD emits radiation of the same type, pattern and strength as the original emitter
POSERAD operates nearly autonomously with minimum intervention from the operator
POSERAD has rugged construction for reliable deployment anywhere in India
POSERAD design is modular for a crew of maximum 2 persons to assemble, deploy and commission it
POSERAD solution uses the state-of-the-art electronics technology in its design and is tested for stringent performance
parameters and environmental conditions under which it is expected to operate.
Typical Applications:
 Operational requirements of spoof transmissions of original emitters from RADARs