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Food packet inspection using X-Ray
Baggage inspection using X-Ray
Counting number of pipes
3D Bin Stacking / Packing Software
Flare Monitoring and Colour Analysis software
Auto-Park System
Combi-Lift Controller System (CLCS)
Video Processing Tool (DIPLAB)
High Performance Image Processing tool (DSPPORT)
Object Tracking System (VTRACK)
Image Processing Tool (DEJA-VU)
Mobile Data Logger (AUTOLOG)
Digital Radio Front - end Processor
FPGA based Phase Demodulator
Low Noise Amplifier (LNA)
SAW Filter
High efficiency BLDC motor controller equipped with state-of - art microcontroller
Digital LASER Range Finder (DLRF 1.0)
Precision Data Acquisition card (PDAQ-1.0)
Radar Trainer Kit (DRSP 1.0)
Finger Print Recognition
License Plate Recognition
Vehicle Counting
Metalyst Analysis
PTZ Controller
Handheld Data Logger
Aerial Digital Imaging
Emergency Beacon Processing
Spinnerette Inspection
Keyboard Inspection
Vial Inspection
Display Processor for Plasma Panel
Fragment Analysis
Stereo Vision