FenSe is Outdoor perimeter security system based on special disturbance sensor cable and it offers a solution for intrusion detection when there is any disturbance on a fence due to any attempts to either cut or climb or tap or lift the fence. The special disturbance sensor cable can be easily installed on most of the fences. Sensor cable is interfaced to a standalone Processor Unit (PU) laid near the fence for processing the disturbance signals received from the sensor cable and for generating alerts and sending the alerts wirelessly to the Central Monitor (CM) using Master Unit (MU) for display alerts and necessary action from security personnel.  Each Processor Unit can support sensor cable of length 100 m and works on batteries which are charged by a solar panel built into the PU. Using FenSe, a complete smart security solution can be configured based on the total perimeter fence length and geometry of the enclosed premises using one or more PUs, one or more MUs and one or more CMs.


Technical Specifications:

Alarms                                                                         : Cut, Climb, Tap

PU Operation                                                              : Stand Alone

PU to MU communication                                          : Wireless

Distance from PU to MU                                            : 1 Km maximum

Operating Temperature                                              : 0 – 60oC

Maximum Sensor Cable length per Zone                  : 50 m

Zones supported per PU                                             : 2 (Left & Right)

Alarm Indicators on PU                                              : Cut, Climb, Tap

Alarm Indication on CM CPU Display                                    : Zone wise


Typical Applications:

  • Commercial and Industrial areas
  • Government agencies and laboratories
  • Military bases
  • VIP residences
  • Airports
  • Gated Communities
  • Data Centers
  • Water, Electrical and Utility substations
  • Radio, Cellular, Communication antennas
  • Other fenced locations