Machine Vision

✓ Presence/Absence –Count no. of part, Inspect for shortage
✓ Irregularity, Flaw & Damage –Foreign Object Detection, Defect Detection (Shape, Size, Color, Texture, Pattern, etc.)
✓ Dimension and Position Measurement –Edge Measurement, Distance Measurement, Location and Orientation, Error Proofing
✓ Data Reading –Printed Text, Barcode, QR, Dot Peen, Alpha-Numeric Codes

Products: GINO, COLORMET, Fingerprint Recognition, License Plate Recognition, Vehicle Counting, Metalyst, Aerial Digital Imaging, ATM Watch, Spinnerette Inspection, Keyboard Inspection, Vial Inspection, Fragment Analysis, Stereo Vision.

Security and Surveillance

What we can do?:

✓ City Surveillance –Video Analytics, Access Control, Pedestrian Surveillance, License Plate Recognition
✓ ATM Security System –Face Detection, Remote Monitoring
✓ Virtual Fence –Intrusion Detection, Object Tracking
✓ X-Ray Imaging –Baggage Scanners

Products: i-Track, SLF, FenSe, Xinspect-1.0, Xinspect-2.0,ATMWatch, License Plate Recognition, Vehicle Counting.

Automation and Control

✓ Automated Car Parking System –Combo-Lift Parking, Tower Parking
✓ Automotive Data Loggers –Online Vehicle Tracking, Monitoring of Automobile data (Distance, Acceleration, Temperature, Vibrations, etc.)
✓ Control Panel Design –Electrical Design and Panel Development
✓ Design/Development of SCADA systems

Products: CLCS, Auto-log, BLDCMCON, PTZ Controller, Handheld Data Logger.

Software Development and Testing

✓ Image Processing Algorithms
✓ Fragment Analysis Software and Data Analysis
✓ Tensor Flow Development
✓ Software Validation of Automated Systems