Display Processor for Plasma Panel

Display processor for the plasma panel is a High speed electronic board designed to accept video input and generate the various required control and data signals for the plasma panel. The board also incorporates various image processing capabilities to improve the quality of the image displayed on the panel. The board also features a host interface for testing and debugging purpose. The board is based on a unique architecture of FPGAs and DSP and is a low cost design for mass manufacture of electronics for flat panel displays. The board also boasts a unique ability to control the electronics from a PC.

Salient Features :

  • Two FPGAs and a 16 bit DSP
  • DVI / LVDS video inputs
  • All timing signals generation for the flat panel
  • 50 MHz basic operation for 20 ns timing resolution
  • Display resolution of 852 * 480 pixels at 60 fps
  • Artifact removal in PDP
  • High luminance of the display unit
  • Complex timing generation
  • Automatic power control
  • Anti-burn and image sticking algorithms
  • Correction of Loss of sharpness