Metalyst Analysis

Metalyst is a state-of-the-art software which provides complete Imaging solution for :

  • Graphite Analysis in Cast Iron and SG Iron
  • Phase Analysis in Cast Iron and SG Iron
  • Grain Analysis in Steel
  • Hardness Analysis (Vikers Hardness)

Target Users :

  • Manufacturers requiring quality control
  • Researchers in need of faster and reliable methods for quantitative microscopy
  • Metallurgists needing quick and consistent solution for routine and non-routine analysis

Features :

  • Measures and classifies Graphite Nodules / Flakes (ASTM-247)
  • Measures Ferrite and Pearlite contents in cast iron and S.G. iron
  • Measures Average Grain Size for Steel (ASTM E-1382)
  • Grain boundary editing facility in Grain Analysis
  • Report generation to create custom reports with images, text, tables and graph
  • Extensive Statistical evaluation for batch analysis
  • Images and text can be formatted according to user specification