Spinnerette Inspection

Spinneret inspection system is an optical inspection system to verify the spinneret quality with reference to a given set of parameters. This is a low cost system and consists of X-Y manually controlled stage, a microscopic assembly, a light source, a CCD camera and a PC. In this system, the system software doesn't use the commercial or open source image processing product. The library was programmed by us through the Microsoft Visual C++. In the inspection procedure, all inspection results will be recorded and can be reviewed from the system. The system can add any new type spinneret by user, and can show them in a list.

Salient Features :

  • Easy to Use Interface
  • Spinneret hole marking algorithm development
  • Characterization of the algorithm using large no. of samples
  • Image processing add-on to control the focus
  • Elimination of subjectivity in inspection method
  • Low cost

Focus Control

  • Developing electro-optic products
  • Distance metering/range finding
  • Target localization
  • Surveying

Block Diagram :

Block Diagram :