Stereo Vision

WG-StereoVision-1.0 system is designed for obtaining disparity maps and the distance of the objects from the unit. The system contains two monochrome cameras used to capture left and right views and one color camera for overview of the scene. The camera composite signal gets digitized and the digitized video is processed in DSP boards inside the CSS section. The digitized system output data is saved into the computer using bitmap format. The host computer organizes and stores the data on the hard disks. It also can play back the stored data on user's request.

The system consists of three sub-systems

  • Windows XP based Host PC with custom GUI software
  • OBS -Observation Sub-system
  • CSS - Control Sub-system

Salient Features :

  • Video capture, processing and display at PAL full frame rate and full resolution
  • Dense Disparity calculation i.e. disparity available for each pixel
  • Disparity calculation algorithm developed at WG
  • Windows XP based custom GUI software
  • TDigital Output shown on PC using custom GUI
  • 3D visualization of the scene
  • Rotate and zoom the 3D view for custom viewpoint
  • Playback of previous recorded data
  • 12 V DC voltage input to facilitate on-site use
  • Activity reports generation

Typical Applications :

  • Robot arm placement
  • Path Planning

Applications :

Block Diagram : Over air communication