Radar Trainer Kit (DRSP 1.0)

The RADAR trainer kit (DRSP) can be used as a tool for learning and understanding the working of RADAR technology. The trainer kit trainer can be designed with simulated experiment on hardware interfaced with software on PC. Experiments that can be implemented on the kit include analysis and detection of different types of fixed and moving object, analysis of signals on DSO and analysis of data on software through plots and test points.

Specifications :

  • Frequency range : 2.5 MHz to 70MHz
  • Input BW : Programmable
  • PRF : Programmable
  • Pulse width : Programmable
  • Rx Sampling window : Programmable
  • Range bins : max 1024
  • Coherent Integration : Programmable
  • Incoherent Integration : Programmable
  • Modes of Operation : Coded, Uncoded
  • FFT Window : Rectangular, Hanning, Hamming, Blackman and Bertlet
  • Host PC interface : USB/GbEI
  • Power : 230 V AC

Experiments :

  • Effect of PRF
  • Effect of pulse width
  • Study of Doppler
  • Calculation of Target velocity
  • Effect of coherent integration
  • Effect of Incoherent Integration
  • Study of different FFT windows

RADAR Trainer Kit schematic diagram :